An Evening at Wildfire - The only Brazilian Churrascaria in North India

In this blog post, I cover Wildfire, the only Brazilian Churrascaria in North India.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Gurgaon is just a stone's throw away from my home. I've visited the hotel umpteen number of times but for some reason or other, could never get to dine at Wildfire. Last week, however, I was able to break the jinx!


Had a firsthand experience of the exceptionally delicious Brazilian cuisine under the watchful eyes of Chef Juarez G de Azevedo whom I happened to meet at Wildfire, the only Brazilian churrascaria in North India.

Creating a culinary experience like no other, Wildfire impresses from the word go! It is in every sense a place to relish authentic Brazilian cuisine, more specifically barbecued meat, seafood and vegetarian delicacies, served directly from the skewer to the table. The food, on a broader level, endeavors to promote the Brazilian culture and heritage.

Food at Wildfire

To provide a more expedited experience, the menu at Wildfire has been carefully crafted keeping in mind the local flavors and varied tastes of the guests. Expect an array of unique, handcrafted dishes to take your dining experience to a whole new level.

Wildfire Churrascaria menu offers the following:
  • Famous Five (choice of five different types of meat)
  • Incredible Seven (choice of seven different types of meat) 
  • Exclusive Premium selection (choice of nine varieties of meat)
  • Vegetarian Delicacies (choice of seven vegetarian items)
All the above are accompanied by a selection of soups and salads.

The beverage menu offers wine collections from Italy, Chile, Germany, Australia, France, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, Spain, and Argentina. You can also order sparkling wine, champagne, or whiskey.

Wine at Wildfire

Chef Juarez treated me to the best traditional Brazilian delicacies like the Coxa de Frango, Paleta de Cordeiro, Fraldinha (Churrasco Flank Steak), Camarao, and Salmaon. The menu offers plenty for vegetarians as well, with delicacies like Batata recheado (Baked Potato), Abacaxi Assado (Roasted Pineapple), Tortilha De Feijao, etc.

Skewered Meat at Wildfire

Another highlight at Wildfire is its magnificent decor. The revamped space is contemporary yet authentic. Rich maroon and gold colors dominate the columns, while fireballs and glass facade figure among the signature style elements. Take the mosaic pattern at the entrance, the chic chandelier, or the onyx backlit marble, for instance - the interiors are adorned with a plethora of colors and patterns inspired by Brazil.

Decor at Wildfire

Wildfire draws inspiration from authentic Brazilian culinary influences, also from Amerindian and Portuguese foods to the recipes of immigrants from Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

By perfecting the art of barbecue, Wildfire is offering guests varied options to choose from. My recommendation includes the pork chops, salmon, beef steak, and sausages, done perfectly and served by the chef himself.

From exquisite meat and seafood to succulently cooked fruits and vegetables, carefully paired with more than 150 varieties of new and old world wines from the restaurant's dedicated wine cellar (you could even order the Beer Sangria or a Caipirinha made up of Cachaca, Brazil's national drink), Wildfire has enough to keep you satiated!

Roasted Pineapple at Wildfire

This was my first Churrascaria experience and I can't wait to visit Wildfire again.

Wildfire - Crowne Plaza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Wow.. such a detailed review.. I wish I could go Wildfire... As I am a big foodie, I love to try different food regardless of being them desi or videsi,... but they have to be 'authentic'.. :D But it's great to see you in a good place to enjoy meals.

  2. This post is making us salivate. The menu has a lot of stuff we would love to try some day. Skewered meat in pics looks so drool worthy, we can imagine how heavenly it would taste, looking at the photo.

  3. This post just made me realise that I have never had Brazilian food ever. Looks like I definitely need to find something in my city to go eat the Brazilian cuisine. Wildfire does look like an awesome place with authentic Brazilian food along with the other cuisines.

  4. Gurgaon is booming for hispitality sector. Everywhere new joints are coming up. I have never explored Brazilian cuisine, this place can be a great start.

    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

  5. I think they should decor the place as per their name as that is lacking. Wildfire will attract more customers including me if they do that.
    Btw, The food pic is so drooling.

  6. Wow again a lovely review of a gorgeous place! You are lucky that you reside in such a hot spot.

  7. A very detailed review and its nice to know that Brazilian cuisine is available to relish in India....

  8. I've tried this cuisine in Hongkong at an authentic Brazilian restaurant and it is amazing. Been years since then and still crave for it!


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