Lady Baga - Goa on a Plate

In this blog post, I review Lady Baga, Olive's newest kid on the block which is thoroughly Goan in spirit, at heart, and in kitchen - a place so quirky, you just cannot afford to miss!

What I absolutely love about this part beach shack full hippie joint is that it's quite unlike any other restaurant that I've been to in Connaught Circus Delhi. The decor takes its cue from the relaxed, laid-back attitude towards life that is said to have existed historically in Goa, a former Portuguese territory.

Yours Truly at Lady Baga

The brainchild of famous restaurateur AD Singh, Lady Baga perfectly recreates the Goan ambiance by deploying white sand, bamboo reed, and matted banana leaves - all resonating with the undying spirit of Goa. The Goan Susegad is brought to life with artistically decorated hammocks, handmade dreamcatchers, bead curtains, brocade cholis, and tie-dye cushions.

Lady Baga

Credits for the exceptional visual experience go to two people primarily - Sabina Singh (AD Singh's better half) and Clement De' Sylva; together they weave little strands of memories by creating a magical Goa moment.

Lady Baga - Interiors

And talking of chic interiors, like all Olive Group's restaurants, this time too The Republic was roped in as the creative agency for the design of Lady Baga's identity and communication. You can see their stupendous body of work across every wall and table.

Lady Baga - Interiors

Lady Baga - Interiors

Lady Baga - Interiors

Lady Baga reminds you of the Shiva Valley, the nondescript shack that often turns into one of Goa's hottest party spots; part of the decor I believe is also inspired by the Baga beach and Anjuna flea market.

Lady Baga
When you're at Lady Baga, the first thing you should do is to sink back into the deck beds and feel the hum of the life all around - sparkling with joy and a riot of color.

Lady Baga

The kitchen at Lady Baga is in the capable hands of Chef Anirudh Patil who brings on the table 15 years of extensive F&B experience, having worked for reputed brands such as Olive, Indigo, The Coast, etc.

As I relived my Goan memories yet again, I was served delicious Goan beach shack food with innovative cocktails meant for every season and mood. Lady Baga truly is Goa on a plate!

While shacks in Goa today serve multi-cuisine food, Lady Baga tries to differentiate by serving beach shack classics and great Goan fare only. The menu is generous, replete with fresh seafood flown in from different parts of the country every day.

Here's what you should try.


Inspired by Goa - its people, their stories, and local flavors - the cocktails have been specially crafted to infuse Goa in a glass.

Bloody Marianna
An in-house special Goan chorizo infused vodka poured in generous measure into a glass with tomato juice, palm vinegar in balchao, tamarind, and rock salt. Best served with a Goan sausage.

Bloody Marianna

Moonshine and Hooch
A variant of cashew and palm vodka that will make any Goan proud.

The Ginger Man
As the name suggests, The Ginger Man is a unique assortment of ginger with scotch and tamarind juice.

Hick Hick Hurray
Enjoy an all new tequila sunrise made of raspberry, tequila, Sprite, and beer.

A Sangria At Every Port
A drink to die for, made by swirling Goan port wine, vodka, red wine, grape juice, apple juice and Cointreau.

Acid Test
Infused jalapeno in vodka, mixed with exact proportions of sweet and sour and kala khatta.

Acid Test


Milky Way
Grab a thick milkshake with ice cream and watch the waves crash all day. My favorites included: Fresh Banana Milkshake, Crazee Cold Coffee, and Chocolate Freak Shake; they all make for great choices actually.

Appetizer and Bar Bites

Prawn Lonche
A culinary treat for all prawn lovers, this classic appetizer is tossed in Goan spices and garnished with curry leaves. Best served with a cocktail.

Prawn Lonche

Crispy Fried Bombil (a.k.a. Bombay Duck) 
According to an urban legend, frequent eaters of this famed crumb-fried fish learn to swim 20% quicker than the rest. Best served with coconut chutney.

Yellow Submarine
What's a beach shack without some old school, crispy hand-cut home chips! Best served with an assortment of dips. Don't forget to ask your server for the dips of the day.

Father Lorenzo's Chorizo 
Tossed in traditional spice mix, these Goan Chorizo sausages are to die for! Best served with pillow-soft fresh pao.

Platter De Friar
Literally labeled as the father of all platters, this one makes a lethal combination with drinks. Packed with magic mushrooms (or Recheado stuffed mushrooms), Porta Porta/Piri Piri Paneer, Gherkin, hand-cut home chips, and Jalapeno chips. Best served with assorted dips and greens.

Platter De Friar

Ros Omelette
The local's favorite, Ros Omelette is served as a breakfast, midmorning, lunch, tea, dinner, and midnight snack. This masala omelet topped with Goan-style chicken curry is garnished with chopped onions and coriander with pao on the side.

Ros Omelette

Burgers - Lamb
Who doesn't like a juicy Lamb burger with mint and cumin-flavored minced lamb patty, drizzled with red wine jus and onions!


Konkan Class Thalis
A staff favorite, the Thalis come in a variety of options such as the Vegetarian, Chicken, Mutton, and Fish. Best served with Rice, Chapati, Salad, Pickle, and Tivol (Kokum shot).

Fish Thali

Prawn With Love
A must try, this dish is chef's take on the classic Goan Prawn Curry.

Choriz Pulao
Enjoy a fragrant pot rice of homemade Goan Chorizo sausages tossed with rice and potatoes, flavored with whole house spice mix.

Pork Vindaloo
Another chef's favorite, this delicious version of the Pork Vindaloo is marinated and cooked in wine vinegar, garlic, and Goan spices.


French Banana
Before you leave, make sure to order the delectable French toast with a dollop of peanut butter mousse, caramelized banana, and vanilla ice cream!

Cocoa Cabana
A riot of rich brownie, two scoops of ice cream, crunchy gems, and rice crisps. Fitting end to an awesome menu at Lady Baga.

Cocoa Cabana

Sticky Fingers
My favorite dessert at Lady Baga is the sticky toffee pudding made with dates and brown sugar; it is sure to give you a sugar high!

Sticky Fingers

Finally, Lady Baga brings together the feel of free love, cheap beer, fresh air, rolling seas, unending beaches, Goan Susegad with great music, amazing parties, and delicious food. So what are you waiting for? Go, explore Goa, right in the heart of Delhi!

Seen at Lady Baga

Seen at Lady Baga

Seen at Lady Baga

[Address: P- 3/90, Connaught Circus, Delhi – 110001
Telephone:  +91-11-41500170 | +91-8130656644
Timings: 12 pm - 12:30 am (All Day Dining)
Cost for two: Lunch INR 800++/Dinner INR 1200 ++]

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