Berger Express Painting - Unleashing A Faster, Cleaner, and Better Experience

Thinking of painting your home but don't know where to get started? If you were to ask me, the very thought of getting the house painted used to send chills down my spine. Well, not anymore!

Berger Paints India, an innovation-driven organization, introduced the Berger Express Painting service across the country in 2015 with the objective of a "Faster, Cleaner, and Better" experience. Not only is this service 40 to 50 percent faster than traditional painting, it also ensures you get plenty of bang for the buck.

Moi - Painter Babu

For the uninitiated, you can now paint your home with the use of automatic machines like Airless Paint Sprayer, Auto-roller, Sanding Machine, Multipurpose Mixer, and High-Pressure Washer.

The no-mess, high-speed tools used in this service reduce the time required for each painting assignment by almost half, that too in a dust free manner.
Airless Paint Sprayer
Jet Presser
Long Handle
Short Handle

Berger Express Painting is a new age, revolutionary end-to-end painting solution provided by trained painters using automatic tools. It gives consumers - like you and I - a faster, cleaner, better and hassle-free painting experience.

The painters use mechanized sanders with inbuilt vacuum suction to reduce the dust generated during the sanding process. Not just that, the tools used by painters help in better surface preparation, resulting in a better finish. The products are best-in-class, supplied by Berger Authorized Dealers in your area.

As a customer, you can choose from two types of home painting services namely Gold and Platinum, depending on your budget and requirement.

The Gold service includes free visits by the Berger Customer Executive before you undertake the painting assignment. This helps the staff to understand your needs better and design a preliminary estimate.

If you decide to go ahead with this service, a trained painter and an authorized dealer are assigned to you. The dealer supplies everything you need to get the job done, including all paint materials.

The painting is executed using automatic Berger Express Painting tools with best-in-class Berger products. Throughout the course of the job, a Customer Executive is present at your home for supervision. Once the job is complete, post painting cleanup and rearrangement are also done.

The Platinum service differs in the sense that the painters are not only trained but also empanelled. Berger provides movement and masking of furniture prior to the painting job. In addition to this, a 1-year service warranty and home insurance to the tune of 5 times the job value are offered. For payment, you have the option of paying through cheque/debit card/credit card/demand draft besides a choice to opt for EMI payments.

Gone are the days when painting was considered a time-consuming affair, one that came with its share of health hazards. Berger Express Painting, truly, is painting ka T20!

[To get started, call the toll free number 1800 103 6030, SMS xp to 56767, or visit]


  1. This looks really interesting. They have such good choices and techniques.

  2. Wow. Till now I was only aware of just a few types of painting . Now adding this service of express painting from Bergers to my list.
    It sounds like the future of lifestyle and furnishings

  3. Express Painting looks like a great service innovation from Berger Paints that upgrades the entire experience of painting. Great thoughts.

  4. Express Painting is one of a unique service Berger Paints. It upgrades the entire experience of painting for the customer. This is really quite interesting

  5. Wow now this is something totally new to me. I know how hard and tedious it is painting one room. I have painted my bedroom myself. This would be quite easy.

  6. So many choices to choose from. It looks easy convenient and perfect for home service.

  7. This is such an awesome idea. I had never heard of this before and I wish I had as I recently got my home painted and it was such a big headache. Will remember for next time.

  8. Express painting will surely make our life more easier and lavish, with each phase we are getting the best services from the Berger.

  9. I am so glad I came across your post because having the home painted at such a difficult time was worrying me. It seems Berger paints has provided the ideal solution.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  10. We use Berger paints only. Next time we paint again, will check out the express paintings & do it. A good option to choose from Berger.

  11. This seems quite innovative and interesting too. Services y order are worth it. Will suggest Berger paint to my friend who is going for painting.

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