Top 5 Reasons for Purchasing the Saluto RX

When I was a college kid, I yearned for a smart street bike - one that not only offered a great fuel economy but also an array of practical features. Unfortunately, in those days (I'm talking of the period between 1997 to 2001 when I studied engineering in a remote village of Haryana), such a bike did not exist!

The good news is that India Yamaha Motor has just launched the most affordable, smart street bike in the 110 Cc segment called the Saluto RX. I was there when the much awaited launch took place, and suffice to say, it felt great to catch all the action firsthand at the Hotel Pullman, New Delhi.

Saluto RX

First things first! The new Saluto RX is an entry-level commuter bike specifically designed for the rural Indian roads. What is really admirable about this bike, apart from its extremely modest pricing of INR 46,400 (ex-showroom Delhi), is that it offers a mileage of 82 kmpl*.

[*Under standard test conditions only.]

Saluto RX is a next-generation bike - a stylish commuter motorcycle for young men in rural India. While designing this bike, the manufacturers focused on three things: superior performance, low fuel consumption, and excellent affordability.

Saluto RX

One of the salient features of this commuter bike is that it mounts a newly developed air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 110cc, 2-valve single-cylinder engine. The new engine is backed by a Blue Core Engine Development concept, which makes the combustion chamber more compact than its previous avatars in the same segment.

The Blue Core technology focuses on the following: 
  • Increasing the combustion efficiency/control
  • Increasing the cooling efficiency
  • Reducing the power loss 

But it’s not the engine alone that is worth mentioning. You'll also fall in love with the frame and alloy wheels that contribute towards the model's overall fuel efficiency. Like how? Through the comprehensive weight-reducing designs.

You'll be surprised to know that the new model weighs mere 98 kg, the lightest in its class. The Saluto RX is at least 22 kg lighter than the company's previous models in its class.

So there, still contemplating whether to purchase this bike? I'll give you top 5 reasons for purchasing the Saluto RX
  1. This is a commuter bike for young men in rural India who're looking for comfort, design, fuel efficiency, and affordability, before anything else. 

  2. Since the bike is the lightest in its class, it is extremely easy to handle. In fact, it is lightweight yet robust, with a sporty exterior body design.

  3. The all-new engine in Saluto RX renders a comfortable performance while riding, not to forget an improved fuel economy of 82 kmpl.

  4. Saluto RX is powered with a suspension of 'front - telescopic fork' and 'rear - swing arm'. The maximum torque is 8.5 Nm @ 4500 rpm.

  5. Finally, a great product makes more sense if it is affordable! Saluto RX packs the punch with its excellent pricing of INR 46,400 (ex-showroom Delhi).
Combined with Yamaha's unquenchable thirst for performance, innovation, and design, Saluto RX is slated to become a clear-cut winner in the commuter segment for bikes.

Launch of Saluto RX at Hotel Pullman on April 14, 2016

Suitable for rural Indian roads, Saluto RX will be the first endeavor from Yamaha to enter the basic segment with the promise of both quality as well as innovation. This will only complement Yamaha's network expansion plans in Tier II and Tier III Indian cities.


  1. Saluto RX seems like a cool bike. I love the way it looks. And it is of good value to the cost and perfect for Indian roads.

  2. This one looks like a mean machine. Oozing style it is such a classic. I wish I could try this bike.

  3. Saluto RX looks damn crazy and stunning. It is good to use for regular use purpose also suitable for rural India too, and I love that concept. The review is good and really insightful.

  4. The Saluto RX looks like a nice bike for our Indian cities. What really surprised me was the price, which is really so reasonable. All in all makes for a good ride.

  5. The Saluto RX looks great commuter for cities and occasional highway indulgence in Indian road. This article is very helpful when gifting someone.

  6. It looks nice and has good pickup.
    Oozing style it is such a classic. Definitely checkout this soon

  7. This bike sounds like a really nice one. I really dont have much idea about bikes and 2 -wheelers but I will surely inform my brother who has a keen interest in these things.


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