b-bar Celebrates Robatayaki Festival in September

A trip to b-bar in Delhi brings back so many vivid memories. I've been to the popular fine-dining restaurant a couple of times earlier, and since they primarily cater to A+ and A type audience, their hospitality is absolute top-notch. 

My first visit to b-bar was for an Indiblogger event, more specifically, for the launch of Kotak Jifi (a social banking product) on March 23, 2014. More recently, I came here again, this time as a participant for Romedy Trail, India's happiest and tastiest social media race organized by the Romedy Now channel on July 18, 2015.

My third visit to b-bar was unlike any of my last visits. Yes, I visited my favorite haunt again this Saturday, to review the ongoing Robatayaki Festival. You can imagine the Adrenalin rush and level of excitement.

I wanted this affair to be quite intimate, so chose to arrive early on a bright yet humid Saturday afternoon. The restaurant is located on the Level 4 of the sprawling Select Citywalk Mall in Saket, Delhi.

A Buddha Statue at b-bar

As soon as I arrived at their premises, I was escorted by their team leader, Naresh, to the dining area. He later gave me a full 360-degree tour of b-bar, including their lounge and cellar areas where I tasted some of the most expensive wines in the world such as Chateau Margaux 2007 and 1992 Petrus Pomerol.

Champagnes at b-bar
Wine Glasses at b-bar
Cellar Area at b-bar
Chateau Margaux 2007 & 1992 Petrus Pomerol

If that wasn't exotic enough, I was made to taste the world's most expensive Scotch whisky, The Last Drop, which is composed of 82 different whiskies including 70 single malts and 12 grain whiskies. Talk of gold standard and it cannot get any better than that!

The Last Drop Scotch Whisky

Ever since b-bar opened its door to public on September 6, 2012, the restaurant has undergone a massive renovation to leverage its space and resources.

Artwork at b-bar
A Beautiful Chandelier at b-bar

The cuisine is predominantly Pan Asian, and you can order from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Malaysian food.

Artwork or Cutlery - You Decide!

The restaurant is open seven days a week from 12.30 pm to 1 am, and is usually chock-a-block in the latter half of the day. They also organize a Rasa Night every Friday from 9 pm onward, where Bollywood Progressive music is played for patrons. On other week days, they play b-bar Lounge music, which is the same music you'd find in any Buddha Bar across the world.

Dining Area at b-bar

The wall projections at night are breathtaking, when Martin lights swing into action, illuminating the b-bar in hues of vibrant colors.

DJ Console at b-bar

Robatayaki - Famed Japanese Grill and Barbecue Cooking

The Robatayaki Festival at b-bar is on from September 7 to September 30, 2015. How could I not meet the man behind this month long exciting festival, Badan Richard Biswas, who works as an executive chef at b-bar. Not only did he accept my humble request to acquaint about this festival, he also volunteered to cook for me.

Robatayaki Festival at b-bar

Badan has worked for over 15 years in Dubai, and has served as a chef in Metropolitan, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa, Grosvenor House, and Grand Millennium Hotel.

Robatayaki Menu

Badan hails from West Bengal and has been with b-bar since its opening. He told me that Robatayaki is a Japanese word that means fireside cooking. In this traditional Japanese barbecue style of cooking, skewered food is slowly grilled over hot white charcoal called Binchotan. The food is cooked in front of your eyes and served smoking hot. Surprisingly, you wouldn't find any grill marks on the food. The whole process of cooking takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The Yays

I gorged on the Ramuchoppu or Lamb Chops which was served with two types of sauces - Yakiniku (made of Light Soy, Mirin, Sake, Yuzu Juice, and Green Apple) and Teriyaki (made of Mirin, Soy, and Sugar). The lamb is imported from Australia and tastes absolutely delicious.

Ramuchoppu or Lamb Chops

For someone like me who isn't really fond of fish very much, it takes something extra and something special to please. That said, the Barramundi Fish (a. k. a. Akame) did it for me. If you're thinking of ordering this fish from the festival menu, make sure it is served with Lemon Herbs made from Lime Juice, Fresh Herbs, and Olive Oil.

Barramundi Fish (a. k. a. Akame)

Don't leave the b-bar without tasting the Jumbo Prawns (a. k. a. Janboebi), Chicken Breast (a. k. a. Niwatori no muneniku), and Chicken Thigh (a. k. a. Niwatori no momoniku), served with two types of sauces - Yuzu Chimichuri (made of Onion, Garlic Green Chili, Coriander, and Yuzu Sauce) and Teriyaki.

Jumbo Prawns (a. k. a. Janboebi)
Chicken Breast with Yuzu Chimichuri
Chicken Thigh with Teriyaki
Yakiniku and Teriyaki Sauces

The Nays

Personally, I loved everything from the Robatayaki menu but if I had to nitpick, try not having the Eggplant (a. k. a. Nagai nasu), Bottle Gourd (a. k. a. Hyotan), and Shitake Mushrooms.

Veggie Delights at b-bar

Finally, if you're in the mood of some hard drinks that go with this menu, you can order a 17-year-old Japanese whisky called Hibiki or a 12-year-old Japanese whisky called The Hakushu (Single Malt Whisky). You can also jazz things a bit by ordering Asahi, a Japanese beer.

Japanese Hard Drinks

I ordered a classic mocktail called Fresh B, which is made of US Orange chunk, Peach Syrup, Sprite, and Soda, plus topped with Orange Gel and Lime Slices.

Rishab & Me at b-bar

The thing I liked the most about the Robatayaki Festival is the menu price, which starts at INR 225 only and goes up to mere INR 2455.

b-bar Entrance

b-bar truly lives up to its worldwide reputation of delivering high quality food and beverages. So what are you waiting for?

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