[Food Review] Cafe Terminus 1 - The Only Global Food Transit In The City

My first visit to Cafe Terminus 1 (a.k.a. T1) was in May this year for the second edition of the Delhi Travel Massive. During my first outing, I was so caught up in networking with folks from the travel industry that I couldn't quite form an opinion about the restaurant or the services they offered.

So I returned again, this time around with my wife and kids, to perform a thorough food review.

[T1] My Life - Sadhna, Saanvi, & Rishab

Located at the second level of the upscale Ambience Mall in South Delhi, this restaurant serves world-cuisine, including European, American, Asian, Continental, etc. 

[T1] Logo At Cafe's Entrance

The interiors are heavily inspired from airports, railway stations, and bus terminals from across the globe.

[T1] Signage Displayed at Cafe Terminus 1

The place is apt for meetups and social dos, and can accommodate up to 80 people. Bring along your family or friends for a game of Jenga or Uno or simply walk into this restaurant with your beloved. At T1, you'll find something that every seasoned traveler wants to experience.

[T1] Two Girls Playing Jenga


The restaurant is the brainchild of Vikrant Batra, the same name behind one of the most famous banquets in Delhi called Batra Banquets. Vikrant also has CafeDelhi Heights to his credits.

[T1] Rishab & Moi

Cafe Terminus 1 became fully operational from May 8, 2014. The restaurant is a place to strike great conversations with like-minded people. If you are fond of world cuisines or are open to new experiences, this is the place where food and people cross paths.
[T1] Vintage Clocks From All Over The World

What Works

I’ll have to admit, the decor just blew me away. The whole drama created around the travel theme is simply spectacular. You'll find antique light bulbs and vintage clocks from all over the world, hung alongside toy gliders and cars.

[T1] Decor

The seating resembles window and aisle seats in airlines – with a dash of beautiful white curtains that provide the necessary lift – taking the restaurant from drab to fab. I also liked that they have a contemporary collection of colorful, vivid chairs.

[T1] Window and Aisle Seating
If you're into reading, choose from a wide variety of cookbooks and culinary magazines by celebrity chefs like Vikas Khanna, available at the entrance of T1.

[T1] Magazines Stack

There's a bread wall too, right adjacent to the magazines stack, where you cannot only see home-baked breads and sticks but also purchase the same. They sell different types of breads from all over the world such as Pita Bread, Panini, Olive Focaccia, French Loaf, Sesame Sumac Brioche, Cheese Stick, Multigrain Bread, etc.

If you're a tea lover, you can purchase your favorite tea packs at T1 such as Darjeeling Tea, Tulsi Masala Chai, English Breakfast Tea, Camomile Tea, etc.

[T1] Bread Wall

You can even purchase liquor from the restaurant, for instance, five cans of beer at a mere INR 499. 

[T1] Wine Rack

I was surprised to find premium wines from York Winery.

[T1] Liquor Display

We were later introduced to Chef Ashish Singh, who comes with 14+ years of F&B experience with brands like Hotel Samrat. He told us about Sous-vide, the unique method of cooking employed in T1. Here, food is first sealed in airtight plastic bags and later placed in a temperature-controlled steam environment to cook the meal evenly. The food is properly cooked from both inside and outside and even the moisture is retained.

[T1] A Coffee Vending Machine

Chef has recently introduced Progressive Indian food in the menu, which is a new form of contemporary Indian comfort food.

Apart from serving regular cafe food at T1, Chef Ashish prepares a unique melange of Italian, Mexican, French, Thai, Singaporean, and Japanese food for patrons. You can also order or take away delicious pastries and other desserts here.

[T1] The Magic Rolling Pin Autographed By Vikas Khanna

At T1, cleanliness is given the highest priority and chefs are made to use hand sanitizers or wear gloves before cooking meals.

[T1] Chefs At Work

The restaurant is open seven days a week, from 12 noon to midnight, and offers great discounts if you're holding credit or debit cards from international banks like Citibank.

[T1] Bakery Products At Display

What Doesn't Work

DJ Pankaj plays Retro and Chill House music at T1. Even though the music compliments your food and appeals to anyone from 6 to 60 years old, it is a tad too loud.

[T1] DJ Console

Outside sitting is available, albeit without an air conditioner.

When it comes to live TVs installed at T1, there is definitely a problem of aplenty. I mean how many screens can you possibly see at a given time. I was rather distracted by the three wall-mounted screens and one large projector screen.

[T1] A Large Projector Screen

In one of the screens, you can even see everything inside the kitchen, for instance, how the food is being cooked, how the utensils are being cleaned, etc. You can even get a 360 degree view of the kitchen via a TV remote. Personally, I'm not such a huge fan of 100% visual experience.

[T1] Three Wall-mounted Screens

What We Had

It wasn't long enough until we spotted a blackboard that adorned the 'Dish of the Day'.


Benishan Panna
My Rating: 4/5

Benishan is a popular variety of mango found in the southern states of India, while Panna is an Indian drink known for its heat-resistant properties. Together, when consumed, it serves as a tasty and healthy summer beverage. I quite liked this refreshing mango drink that contained a wonderful blend of sweet and sour flavors.

[T1] Benishan Panna

Langra Banarasiya
My Rating: 4/5

Banarasi Langra is a mango cultivar from Northern India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan. This summer drink tastes like a mango smoothie but in essence contains the richness and sweet juicy taste of Langra.

[T1] Langra Banarasiya


Stir Fry Thai Chili
My Rating: 4/5

Loved this Thai dish packed with the aromatic flavors of coriander, bell peppers, green chilies, sweet corn, and chicken.

[T1] Stir Fry Thai Chili

Main Course

Chicken Tikka Masala
My Rating: 5/5

A British version of the famous butter chicken served with Naan (flatbread) or steamed rice. Probably the best authentic chicken curry in the town.

Pad Thai
My Rating: 3/5

Cooked to perfection, I loved this stir-fried rice noodle dish, balanced with sweet, sour, and salty blends.

[T1] Pad Thai

Sinful Chicken Burger
My Rating: 1/5

Not my favorite. There is a reason why McDonald's or Burger King reigns supreme.

[T1] Sinful Chicken Burger

This burger contains a cooked sausage with a layer of scrambled eggs, traditionally grilled or steamed, served in a sliced bun with french fries and beetroot pickle.

[T1] Terminus 1 Logo

Overall, T1 stands up to its reputation as being the only global food transit in the city. I wouldn't hesitate in paying a visit again.

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