Striking A Perfect 10 In #DilKiDeal

My best friend hails from Orissa. He is the quintessential charmer - ever smiling, kind, and loyal. By a strange coincidence, we work for the same company and his PG accommodation is just a stone's throw away from where I live.

Perfect, right? Well, not quite. He is at least 9 years younger to me. While age is just a number these days, one cannot discard the gray acquired over a period of time.

Having said that, I still love our bromance. The energy he brought is infectious. In our early days of friendship, we talked in length of our similarities and differences, narrating several life experiences that shaped our lives. Mostly he spoke and I listened.

Sumeet & Moi

For a large part, we remained inseparable. Movies, eating out, boozing, partying together. You name it!

And then, there were days when we would fight like kids and not talk to each other.

I remember this one particular incident around Diwali when he expressed sheer disappointment at not being able to visit his native. Being away from folks during festivities was rather unusual for him, and thus the frustration.

At that very point in time, I swung into action. I had to do something for him - something unique and special - something that he would remember for the rest of his life.

That particular evening, just after work, I asked him what he was up to and if he would accompany me for shopping. Within minutes, both of us landed at a nearby mall to try the new winter collection.

His favorite color is black, so I casually asked him to try out a new black and white pullover while I was busy putting on the new stuff. As soon as he wore the pullover, he couldn't contain his excitement.

"Rahul, this is fantastic! Fits like a charm!"

I knew beforehand that it would fit him perfectly. Why do you think I picked it up! 

But little did he know that I was going to present the same to him as a token of our friendship.

"You like it? This is for you, Sumeet. It'll remind you of me wherever you are."

"You got to be seriously kidding me!"

And then we hugged like we do.

The Black and White Pullover - Symbolic of Our Friendship

If you have friends whom you really love, there is nothing more to be prized. Go out and create magic, and the warmth you share will reside in their hearts forever.

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  1. Nice Post, well who doesn't like gifts and surprises :P ...

  2. That is so sweet of you bro..i'm privileged with such love and affection from you and whole Prabhakar family..Thanks.. :) Cheers for our Friendship..!!

  3. That's a heart-touching post Rahul... :) True Friendship is itself "Magical & Rare"... One really needs to have a strong instinct to feel that magic!

  4. Awarding your friendships with little gifts and surprises makes it grow stronger and keeps the excitement fresh. Love the idea of shopping together and then buying what they like as a gift.

  5. This is what people say friends for life time. Glad you have one for the rst of your life to depend on


  6. Lovely post, dedicated to friendship. True that, friends are like that, they make you alive with just being there for you always.

  7. Meeting friends and gifting them gifts is very good feeling. Good to know about your friendship, may it grow with coming years.

  8. It is said that friends for more than 7 years are more than family. Blessed to have friends like family.

  9. Virginia Woolf said, 'Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends.' Friends truly are the most prized possessions.

  10. True friendship is hard to find. Good to read that you have one such friend in your life. May your friendship bloom with every passing year.


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