Creating Mad Stuff with Rob on YouTube

Want to meet the country's most popular kids' icon? Harun Robert or Rob is an arts and crafts wizard who runs an arts channel for kids on YouTube by the name of "Mad Stuff with Rob".

A graduate of NID Ahmedabad, Rob is the perfect ambassador of creative arts for kids. He has donned the roles of television anchor, animation filmmaker, director, and magician with relative ease.

As a kid, Rob developed a strong liking for drawing in particular.

According to him, "Kids are the most challenging audience you can ever have but they are also the most creative and honest. They don't care if you've spent years in a design school, spent hours designing your content, or spent hours shooting it. If they don't like something, they'll come and tell you straightaway."

Even though he worked for renowned brands like Pogo, Britannia, DNA, Landmark, 3M, Ford, Sakaal Times, Hewlett-Packard, and so on, Rob's true claim to fame came in the years 2008, 2009, and 2011, when he won the Indian Television Academy Award for the Best Children's Program. Earlier, Rob won the Annual RAPA Award for Best TV Anchor in 2007 and one of his shows completed a successful run of nine years on the national television. Two years ago, he was featured on a television show called 'The Dewarists' that showcased collaboration between art and music.

On his YouTube channel, Rob accompanies you on a creative journey to the mystic world of art and craft.

After subscribing to "Mad Stuff with Rob", you get full access to 'The Robosphere' which is an exclusive space for children to imagine and invent. By introducing elements of interactivity and sharing his magical ideas, Rob empowers tiny little hands to learn and master art.

The transformation of ordinary materials into spectacular works of art will leave you asking for more, as Rob continues to add his MAD twist every time.

Discover new art styles that are both easy and enjoyable, using simple utilities like pencil, water colors, paintbrush, and paper. Playing with silhouettes and shadows or recycled boxes and bottles will become a child's play literally.

Trust me, learning art and craft was never so much fun. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to "Mad Stuff with Rob" and be part of an even bigger and better MAD experience.


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