Exploring the National Capital of India with Comfy Bed and Breakfast Hotels

Visiting Delhi for a day and don't know where to stay? You might want to check in a bed and breakfast hotel, a small lodging establishment that provides overnight accommodation and inclusive breakfast. The hotel does not offer other meals but that is understandable.

Generally, bed and breakfast hotels in Delhi are private or family homes with less than 10 bedrooms, only available for commercial consumption. These are slightly different than the budget hotels in Delhi.

The concept of bed and breakfast hotels is slowly catching up in India. Metropolis like Delhi attracts a lot of foreign tourists who want to make a short stopover before traveling to the length and breadth of India. The demand for affordable hotels in Delhi increased during the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. The government has now classified bed and breakfast hotels into two categories - Gold and Silver, via the Ministry of Tourism.

You'll probably ask "What can I expect in a typical bed and breakfast hotel?"

Standard facilities will include an air conditioner or air cooler, free wifi internet, and food. Some premium providers are even providing extra services like geyser, lift system, intercom, and security guard. Charges vary from a standard service provider to a premium.

The next question you might ask is "How to search for decent bed and breakfast hotels in the national capital?"

Well, the answer to that is Askme.com, a local search engine and one-stop shop to find such hotels online.

Preferring a bed and breakfast hotel for "homestay" over other hotels provides greater value for your money, more so if you're new to Delhi and like being hosted. Since the service is intimate and personalized, you'll see that the hosts generally go out of their way to please and offer advice to guests. You'll also be able to get firsthand experience of delicious home-cooked meals. Truly an experience in itself to see the Indian way of living up close and personal!

Most bed and breakfast hotels are located in quiet, modern residential areas of Delhi.

So what are you waiting for? Come, explore the national capital of India with comfy bed and breakfast hotels.


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