Battling Anxiety and Depression through Love

From the time that we've been married to each other, Sadhna and I have remained almost inseparable. She has been my pillar of strength, and I continue to look up to her for all the support, companionship, and most important of all, love that she gives. There was a time in my professional life when I was battling anxiety, and to a certain extent, depression as well.

I used to come home dejected every evening, at times not even willing to talk with anyone.

The situation became particularly concerning for Sadhna when I started skipping meals at the time of dinner. The trend continued for a little more than a week and it didn't take much time for Sadhna to realize that she had to talk me out of the pain and suffering I was going through, lest things go out of hand.

So she asked me if I could take her and the kids out to a Buddhist temple, an hour's drive from the place we lived. Why she chose that place continues to remain a mystery to me, even to date!

The setting was simply perfect! A temple right in the heart of mountains and a jungle away from the hustle and bustle of city life, with no one to bother us. As we strolled around the temple, holding hand in hand, she reminded me how she fell for my charm and confidence the very first time we met.

Over the years, Sadhna saw me take on several professional challenges and come out unscathed. She wondered what had changed this time.

I didn't know how to answer her. Honestly, I became numb, not because I had done anything wrong at work or otherwise but I wasn't too sure about my own condition, the state of mind I was in, and my overall well-being at that point in time.

I was still the same old guy but here I was, struggling with my confidence, trudging into a negative territory, a dark spot that resembled a point of no return.

Pointing towards our two wonderful children, Sadhna politely requested me to seek medical help from a counselor.

"If this is something beyond you, please don't be harsh on yourself! A help is just a call away."

I still haven't forgotten those powerful lines; the best recommendation to me ever by anyone. Sometimes you need just that little nudge to return on track. And only a loved one will be able to take you there.

I'm fine now, ready to take on the world with optimism and hope. And even though there are days when it's difficult to be optimistic all the time, I rely on the company of Sadhna to pull me back again.



  1. Very nice post! ☺

  2. Absolutely Rahul, only our loved ones understand us even in the darkest hour... So glad you've got such a beautiful soul mate! :)


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