When I Chose Zenfone Over Sadhna For My Valentine

There are a million reasons to believe that Valentine's Day is the perfect time to express true love every year. I thought so too until Sadhna broke the news to me, washing away the sandcastles I'd slowly built in anticipation of expressing my feelings for her. And just like that I found myself in the middle of a sea of questions.

"Rahul, I don't have an off on Valentine's Day this year. Hope you understand and take care of the kids while I'm gone. Sorry sweetheart but I'll make it up to you soon!"

Part of me understands ... how important it is for an ambitious, working woman to be on her own.

Independent. Competitive. Confident. Busy. Always in charge.

But part of me is also old school. Doesn't want her to spend special days like these away from me.

On normal days, we hardly get to talk much. So consumed in our own effing lives. Sometimes I get a feeling that we're living in a rented accommodation, sharing two different rooms.

Couldn't help but think about the astrologer I stumbled upon at the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur last month. He predicted an awful start to the year for me and also advised not to be overemotional come what may.

I decided to pay heed to his advice by celebrating Valentine's Day alone this year ... yes, without whining.

"So what if Sadhna isn't there. I can still celebrate the day with the two wonderful angels in my life - Saanvi and Rishab!"

After all, love is just love, whichever way you look at it.

My Asus Zenfone rose to the occasion as I planned to make the day memorable, by shooting videos, clicking selfies, and posting the same on my favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Me and Dipali Sharma (A Fellow Blogger) at Asus Zenfone Launch Event

There is something unique about the Zenfone that you simply cannot ignore.
  1. Slim and elegant, Zenfone is your stylish companion on the go.

  2. You can personalize your Zenfone from a wide gamut of vivid color choices. The smartphone matches your style no matter where you go.

  3. I'm a huge fan of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 in Zenfone that defines a new level of toughness besides making your phone damage and scratch resistant.

  4. I am now able to balance my personal and work life with ease using the Dual SIM feature in Zenfone.

  5. Since I'm fond of photography, I frequently use the 8MP PixelMaster camera that allows me to take crisp and clear daytime photos. Clicking incredible pictures on my Android phone is such a breeze with PixelMaster camera that can capture up to 400% more light for photos and videos in low light environments. No need of flash!

Asus Zenfone is, beyond doubt, my ideal Valentine!