Keeping Your Relocation Worries At Bay With Quikr

If you're an IT professional, it is almost a given these days that you'll be asked to travel for work. The travel can be short-term or long-term, depending on the requirements of the job. Sometimes you might be required to relocate to a new, different city altogether. Not the easiest of decisions clearly if you are moving along with a family or if you have no prior experience of living outside of your home city. There could be concerns with respect to language, culture, food, etc. that you'll have to deal with in the early days of the relocation. Teething issues I'd say!

Thankfully you now have to your rescue. A free local classifieds website where you can find used products like cars, rent or buy apartments, find a roommate, or even start a service in your locality, and much more.

When I relocated from Gurgaon to Bangalore for work, I did all my shopping from Since I was unmarried at that point in time and was planning to live in a shared/rented accommodation, I listed down all the items I was going to need after the relocation took place, starting from a bed, a TV, utensils, etc.

The moment I entered the name of the desired item in the Search box, Quikr came up with a wide variety of results. Good enough to help me with my selection.

Take, bed, for example. Quikr threw in a lot of results the moment I typed "bed" in the Search box. Double bed, bed sets, single bed, sofa cum bed, wooden bed, bedroom set, sofa bed, etc.

Being a bachelor, I only required a single bed, so I went ahead with a single bed in the Home - Office Furniture category.

To my surprise, there were more than 2000+ results to choose from. I wanted to narrow down the search results using location and price range. I was open to "used" beds; it didn't actually matter if the product was old or new.

I stayed near Hosur Road and therefore whittled down the exact location from the different options under "Located In". I could also specify the desired "Price Range".

Voila! The search results came down from 2000+ to 24. And there it was - a "double bed cot for sale" - fitting my budget perfectly.

The best part about buying on Quikr is that you can view the pictures uploaded by the seller, see if the seller has a verified number, and my favorite of all, use the Chat Now feature in case you have queries or doubts related to the product.

Since the bed I chose was from a dealer, I had no hesitancy in contacting him. But I wanted to view the pictures and see the ad details first before making the purchase.

The seller's number was verified. I immediately made a call to him and finalized the deal.

The whole process was a breeze. The bed was delivered to my apartment within the agreed upon timeline and in the right condition.

I am extremely satisfied as a Quikr customer, and strongly recommend the service to all.


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