Serving In A Fab Style This Holi

I cannot believe that Holi, the festival of colors, is round the corner. For me, the vivid memories of children, mostly boys, running helter-skelter with their pichkaris still linger on. As a kid, I could not wait for the Holi holidays to be announced at school. Just thinking of the bright colors of gulal and abir filling the air would bring a twinkle to my eyes. Me and my motley crew took turns in pouring color water over each other. We then refilled our pichkaris to repeat the ordeal. Not only that, we threw zillions of water balloons at passersby, making them wet in a fraction of a second. A hilarious sight to watch, though not so much for our unassuming victims!

Holi, for many, marks the beginning of spring. But for me, Holi was - and continues to be - the season of mischief - where people of all age groups indulge in throwing colored powder at each other, knowing that no one would object or mind in the true spirit of the festival. In fact, Holi unites the entire nation, bringing everyone onto the streets to celebrate.

That said, it is not uncommon to socialize on Holi. Many form groups or "tolis", move from pillar to post, apply colors, and exchange pleasantries. Another highlight of the festival is the Holi songs or dance ritual - be it the rhythm of dholak or the more popular Bollywood tracks like Rang Barse (or the most recent, Balam Pichkari).

Holi is also considered a festival of love, and not without a reason. It is believed that Lord Krishna started the trend of applying colors to his gopis (milkmaids) of Brindavana, including Radha, which gained popularity afterwards.

If you are in India during Holi, make sure to frequent the nearest markets, as even days before the festival, heaps of gulal can be seen along the roadside. You will also find frenzied shoppers displaying pichkaris in all shapes and sizes - using innovative design to lure all and sundry.

Think Holi is all about colors and collecting memorabilia? You are probably just getting to know our unique culture and traditions. Many Indian women take Holi as an excuse to prepare mouth-watering delicacies - thandai, dahi bhalla, gujia, malapua, mathri, papri chaat, and other snacks.

Wifey too, in full festive flare, ordered a set of porcelain bowls from - India's largest online home store. I cannot wait to relish the thandai and other delights in this set of 6 piece bowl set.

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If you are not consuming Bhang on Holi, you will never know how it feels like to go all the way. Just kidding! I've seen the most sober folks make a clown of themselves in full public view after downing a few glasses. All in the spirit of Holi!

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Last but not the least, enjoy Holi this year and ensure it is a fun-filled, yet memorable day. Happy Holi to all your loved ones, peeps!


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