Dataquest: Technical Writing -- Then and Now

One of my articles titled "Technical Writing -- Then and Now" was published in the June 15 issue of the Dataquest magazine. 

You can also download the PDF by clicking here.

About Dataquest:
On the chessboard of the Indian IT industry, and in the corridors of IT-enabled enterprises in India, Dataquest stands tall since 1982. A 20-year-old institution with a spotless image of non-partisan, credible and useful information for vendor and user communities alike, Dataquest has become an inseparable part of the Indian IT journey. A leader in the true sense of the word, Dataquest’s editorial news and commentary is trusted for its information and integrity.
Referred to as the Bible of Indian IT, Dataquest has constantly endeavored to highlight the major issues faced by the industry and users, publishing in-depth analyses of market trends and fast changing technologies. As the pioneer and leader of IT media in India, the magazine has consistently kept track of new developments in the IT industry and the corresponding information needs of the corporate user.