I want to talk about learning

Recently Marcia from the Ageless Learner Blog quoted me from one of my first blog articles titled, "Talk to Me - I am the User."

The Ageless Bricoleur is the web log for the Ageless Learner crew.

Excerpts from the blog:

By the way...Rahul Prabhakar uses Rogers' quotation to open an article on his frustration with technical writing and documentation. Although off the topic of experiential learning, I found this article when I searched for other people who enjoyed the quotation and I was impressed enough with Rahul's article to introduce it here.

He writes the article as an open letter to technical writers, "There is something I must tell you upfront, lest you continue to commit the same old mistakes again and again. I am the intended recipient of your work...if I do not understand or like what you convey, I tend to feel lost, grumpy, confused, and sometimes even angry...So before I proceed, I would like you to answer these two questions for me: What makes you think I would be interested to read everything from you? Are you completely sure you know me well?" Enjoy.