Podcast on Top 10 Lessons I Learned as a Technical Communicator

Last Wednesday, I was interviewed by Tom Johnson from Tech Writer Voices for a podcast on technical communication. He chose one of my published articles, "Top 10 Lessons I Learned as a Technical Communicator" for the podcast.

The podcast is posted on the following URL: http://techwritervoices.com/2007/01/13/rahulprabhakar/

Download the MP3 file and hear it as per your convenience. After downloading, you can transfer the podcast to your MP3 player and listen while you drive to work or exercise at the gymnasium.

Tech Writer Voices, a technical writing podcast, is specifically intended for people engaged in technical writing. Podcasts include all topics relevant to the trade of technical writing, from single sourcing to collaborating with SMEs. If you're a technical writer, this is a podcast you should listen to.

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