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Chull - The Perfect Social Hangout

In this blog post, I review a new quirky resto-bar opened in Sector 29 Gurgaon by the name of Chull

For the uninitiated, Chull is a popular slang expression in Hindi that can mean several things, including itching, awaking of sexual urges, desiring to rasp a body part, etc.


True to its name, Chull dares to be bold and unconventional and intends to cast away social stigmas associated with sex through its rattling interiors, events, and communication. The newly launched restaurant promises to be a tad different in its approach by taking up concepts that are largely considered taboo in our society. Chull extends the idea of creating awareness about sex education, more importantly, safe sex amongst the youth.

Seating at Chull

From food and drinks to decor, everything about this resto-bar is far left of center. The kitschy interiors showcase a juxtaposition of contrasting colors with plenty of hard-boiled in-your-face messages perfectly resonating with the theme of the resto-bar.

Graffitis at Chull

The entire fifth floor is designed with an eccentric flair, replete with neon signs, luscious lip shaped couches, and handcuffs dangling from the ceiling. To a large extent, the clandestine setting succeeds in dismissing impediments associated with discussing social taboos in the open.

Decor at Chull

The brainchild of famous restaurateur Shubham Gupta, Chull aspires to be a trendsetter in the current crop of restaurants mushrooming in Sector 29 Gurgaon. Moving away from the sector's brewery infestation, Chull welcomes you to a classic avant-garde bar that houses the choicest cocktails and mocktails from their cool menu.

Bar at Chull

'Kaunsa Wala Laal' and 'Priya Ka Paan' are cocktails to die for! If you're looking to indulge in a classic mocktail instead, I'll put my money on 'Gulabi Sugandh'.

Kaunsa Wala Laal

Besides offering some great food and ambiance, Chull also comes across as a much-preferred destination for those who are game for open and meaningful discussions around socially relevant topics. The idea of a 'social hangout' is totally apt in today's time.


According to Shubham Gupta who is also the Managing Director of the resto-bar, "Chull does not intend to induce vulgarity into the culture, instead, it wishes to inculcate the importance of safe sex amongst the youth. Today's youth is educated, aware, and modern in their outlook, which makes them extremely open to having a conversation on any topic that is still otherwise considered a taboo in our society."

Fast food at Chull

With Chull, Shubham wants to create a comfort zone, a kind of space where one can freely converse over good food and drinks. "Undoubtedly, a bold step, but at the same time, we felt that we, as a society needed to create such a space," he adds.

Fast food at Chull

That said, if you're coming to Chull thinking that it's all heavy-duty, well, think again! Chull is as much about fun and craziness as it is about the 'intriguing' theme. The concept further gets a boost with its exhaustive menu that continues to deliver the perfect blend between contemporary and comfort food.

Butter Chicken Platter at Chull

Angad Chachra, Restaurant Consultant, believes: "With Chull, all we intend to do is provide an open space where people do not have to mind their words and thoughts. The carefully crafted menu reflects upon the look and feel of the place. We have introduced dishes that are comfortable on the palate, yet experimental on taste."

I couldn't agree more!

Sumptuous food and drinks at Chull

A great miscellany of delectable dishes like 'Ande Shande Ka Roll', 'Maaldar Haryali', and 'Jaali Chicken' are up for grabs. Besides satiating your taste buds, every dish on the new menu is a conversation starter on its own; dishes like 'Machli Jal Di Rani Hai' and 'Arab Ki Chutney' surely brought a smile on my face!

Machli Jal Di Rani Hai
Arab Ki Chutney

While the food menu tantalizes your taste buds, the beverage menu isn't too far behind! With the potency to be treated as a course of its own, innovations like 'Ek Number' (McDowells,  jamun, egg white, and sugar syrup), 'Talab' (an aam ka achar frozen margarita), and 'Palang Todd' (a special alcohol mix topped with kala khatta syrup and Red Bull) are sure-shot winners IMHO. Greater emphasis is given to natural alcoholic infusions, highlighting the unique flavors of natural ingredients.

Main Course at Chull
Main Course at Chull

Akashdeep Singh Dhiman, Restaurant Consultant, says: "The entire concept is not only unique but also very interesting. The décor and interiors have been designed to bring out the feel and expression of the theme of the resto-bar. A similar vision and effort had gone into creating the menu as well. Giving a variety of options to choose from, the menu boasts of desi street food but in a contemporary resto-bistro style. The bar menu introduces some very innovative cocktails that celebrate the blend of colloquial and local with that of exotic and western mixes. All these elements together will create a 'chull' in people to visit and re-visit the resto-bar."

Makkhan Wale Phugge
Michie Malai Seekh

The kitchen is in the capable hands of Chef Jay Prakash (a. k. a. JP, by his peers). Ushering in a new trend in the F&B industry with a space that departs from the city's landmark offering of conventional bars, Chull seems like the perfect social hangout to satiate your chulls. For reservations, call 09599199003.

[Address: 5th Floor, Plot 11-12, Leisure Valley Road, Sector 29, Gurgaon
Timings: Open every day from 12 noon to 1 am
Meal for two: Costs INR 1000/- approx.]

Chull Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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