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Ending 2015 On A Grand Note Courtesy HP

2015 has been a very special year for the Prabhakar household kids - Rishab (7) and Saanvi (3). At the start of the year, both the children enjoyed their first outing in a passenger train to Luni, a cloistered village near Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Visiting Luni was a revelation of sorts; the children stayed at the Fort Chanwa and mingled with the local artisans, most of whom are still pursuing the ancestral traditions of carving metals, clay, or wood in different intricate forms. Just a couple of months later, the kids made another trip to Amritsar, a bustling city in the north-western Indian state of Punjab. They visited the gilded Golden Temple, the holiest gurdwara in India that attracts more visitors than the ever so popular Taj Mahal.

Memories like these stay forever etched in the minds of these tiny toddlers. And to help them relive the cherished time again, me and Sadhna decided to do something really exciting this time of the year, leveraging our new home printer from HP India. T…