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How to Build a Career in Technical Writing

A lot of times people ask what I do for a living and my short answer to them is that I am a technical writing specialist. I am not sure if they truly understand that as well, so I take an extra minute of their time to talk about my profession.
Even though technical writing is a much sought after profession in several technology organizations, sadly there isn't much information available on the Internet about how to build a career around it. This blog post attempts to bridge that gap.

Think Beyond Writing - Focus on Domain
A technical communicator's job in today's context is more than just writing. In fact, many organizations assume that you can write well and are looking to hire someone with a strong interest in technology and domain.
The more depth you tend to acquire in a particular domain over a period of time, the more premium you can demand in the longer run. In fact as technology continues to evolve, employers are looking to hire techcomm experts in specialized domains …