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The Pllazio Hotel - An Experience to Remember

I was recently invited to review a boutique hotel in the heart of Gurgaon called The Pllazio. If you've ever visited or stayed in a boutique property in any major city of the world - be it London, New York, Manhattan etc. - you'd probably know what to expect. But for the uninitiated, The Pllazio adorns aristocratic European style architecture with exotic amenities such as suites, spas, gym, pools, fountains, etc.

Let's get started with the review.

Prime Location
The hotel is flanked by both business and leisure travelers all year round for corporate gigs, social functions like weddings, etc. And I am not surprised why!

The Pllazio is a few blocks away from the HUDA Metro Station, Kingdom of Dreams, Fortis hospital, Gymkhana Club, and Sector 29 market. With over 80 rooms and 2 suites, the hotel offers world-class facilities while drawing inspiration from rich and elegant neo-classic decor that makes it stand out from other luxury properties in Delhi-NCR.

The Pllazio …

Unveiling CritiCare+ from Edelweiss Tokio Life - The Best Critical Illness Plan

Our life is full of uncertainties. Even though we've managed to make tremendous progress in the fields of science and technology, the possibility of getting diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer or organ failure cannot be ruled out. Besides being life-threatening, a critical illness may also result in loss of income owing to the high costs of medicines or surgery - thereby putting you or your family under tremendous financial pressure.
How will you ensure that you're covered to handle such eventualities?
This million-dollar question has now been addressed by CritiCare+ from Edelweiss Tokio Life, a non-participating and a non-linked critical illness insurance plan. The plan provides your family the required support during the onset of a critical illness.

Robust Critical Illness Plan
CritiCare+ is a critical illness plan, not a health insurance plan, in which you get lump sum benefits at the time of being diagnosed with a critical illness. Under this plan, you can stay prote…