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Reviving Keventers - The Original Milkshake

I was at the Select Citywalk mall a few days ago when I spotted Keventers, the original milkshake vintage brand. It brought back so many early memories from childhood, a time in place when dad used to take us to a quaint corner of Connaught Place to indulge in thick creamy shakes and gelatos.

During those days, especially in summers, Keventers was Delhi's favorite haunt. Who can possibly forget the Cassata or the Tutti-Frutti? Then somewhere along the way, life took its toll and frequent visits became difficult to deal with.

After so many years, the exotic and familiar flavors are calling yet again, albeit in a brand new avatar.

Located at the ground floor of Delhi's most popular mall, Keventers serves all the signatures that made it a household name in the 70's, along with new and contemporary flavors.

I ordered my fave, the Butterscotch classic shake to begin with, which is conveniently priced at INR 125. To my utter surprise, it tasted just the same. The original taste an…