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Battling Anxiety and Depression through Love

From the time that we've been married to each other, Sadhna and I have remained almost inseparable. She has been my pillar of strength, and I continue to look up to her for all the support, companionship, and most important of all, love that she gives. There was a time in my professional life when I was battling anxiety, and to a certain extent, depression as well.
I used to come home dejected every evening, at times not even willing to talk with anyone.
The situation became particularly concerning for Sadhna when I started skipping meals at the time of dinner. The trend continued for a little more than a week and it didn't take much time for Sadhna to realize that she had to talk me out of the pain and suffering I was going through, lest things go out of hand.
So she asked me if I could take her and the kids out to a Buddhist temple, an hour's drive from the place we lived. Why she chose that place continues to remain a mystery to me, even to date!
The setting was simply pe…