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Head Over Heels In Love With Melbourne

We only live once. A lifetime is probably not enough to fulfill every little dream or capture every sweet memory. So whenever life presents a chance to explore an uncharted terrain, I am always game. Suffice to say, the charm of the unknown attracts me the most.

I've traveled to ten countries in the past eight years – either for work or education – and each time returned with bags full of experience and adventure. In fact, South Korea became my second home from 2005 to 2012, a period of time when I was employed with Samsung Electronics. 

Surprisingly, I've never been down under.

A Soil Untouched, A Continent Unvisited
The only visa stamp missing on my passport is that of Australia.

Australia, its interesting shape and location on the world map, and the clear waters that wash its shores have always beckoned me. Even when my favorite celebrity Oprah Winfrey rounded off her 25th season with a surprise visit to Oz, I watched her each step of the way … penning down my own itinerary an…