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Demystifying The Clash Of Cultures

Nowadays it is customary for avid travelers to compile a "Best Places to Visit" list beforehand.
Weeks before one experiences an unknown place, a virtual tour has already happened. Acquiring knowledge about the climate, food, local language, currency, and so on is now a prerequisite.

"Be well prepared," they'd say. More so if you want to avoid unwelcome surprises.

When I visited Goa last month with wifey and kids, I had already taken a virtual tour of the city and decided upon my daily itinerary - thanks to the numerous travel blogs. I even stuffed my knapsack with all the must-haves.

Can't help but wonder: does the term "explorer" really describe today's traveler or are we mere visitors?

When the likes of Vasco da Gama and Hieun Tsang set sail, they had a vague idea (at times, no idea) about both their journey and final destination.

Guided solely by handmade maps, the North Star, and a non-mechanical compass, these brave men had the heart to…

A Family Commitment To Change

Sadhna and I are happily married for the past eight years. We have two beautiful children - Rishab (aged 6) and Saanvi (aged 2).

Pray For A Healthy Child
It is a mere coincidence that both our kids were born in India. Coincidence because we were based out of Korea, not India.
But that's not the part I want to highlight. For us, where our kids would be born was never actually a concern. India or Korea or elsewhere.  
Sadhna only prayed for a healthy child! Zillions of "expecting mothers" worldwide hope for the same ... and why not!
The BIG Deal

So what's the BIG deal about having or raising healthy children? Why do expecting mothers and fathers go about consulting the best doctors in town - be it paediatricians or gynaecologists?
I can say with a certain amount of confidence that raising healthy children isn't nearly as simple as some parents think it is. If you want to protect your kids from obesity and other life-threatening diseases like diabetes later in life, you …