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Managing Conflicts within a Team of Writers

It is quite challenging for a manager to integrate a diverse group of intelligent and creative professionals into a single, cohesive unit. As much as you may try to avoid it, conflict among your employees is bound to rear its ugly head from time to time. While you may not be able to resolve all conflicts, with the right approach, you can manage many of them.Managing conflicts within a team of writers is certainly easier said than done. When writers work in close proximity, many factors can lead to conflicts, such as lack of identity, recognition, and appreciation. Conflicts arise when people disagree on certain issues, such as beliefs, attitudes, or values. With writers, add egos to the list.In a scenario where writers are jostling for recognition, the blame game can get dirty sometimes. The problem is accentuated because writing is not strictly quantitative in nature. For example, one cannot say with complete certainty that X writes better than Y.Whenever a conflict occurs within a w…